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Dan Gomez 

Outreach and Vision

Fitness instructor and personal trainer

Dan here. I’m a father of a beautiful baby girl. I am on a mission to level up as a man and help others do the same along the journey. I have a passion for learning and teaching health (mind, body and spirit). I teach yoga, meditation, fitness and nutrition. The consciousness of what men need to do to better provide for our society, families and the earth is on the rise. The Grounded Man started with me filling a need that I had to connect with more men who are doing self work.

Lee-Michael J. Pronko

Operations and Development

Tech entrepreneur 

Hi, I'm Lee, checking in. I am the father of a beautiful boy named River! Discovery and an innate hunger for knowledge and self-understanding is what drives me. My focus is the art of slow living and learning how to be present in all aspects of my life. The Grounded Man is a support network where Men can be challenged and supported to grow alongside other men on their journey.

Kurt Mansergh

Community and Connections

Yogi and meditation teacher

Hi I’m Kurt. I’m a Yogi who loves to learn and laugh a lot. I live a rich and fulfilling life because I’m constantly growing and evolving through the practice of mindfulness and self discovery. I pride myself on being surrounded by positive and forward thinking individuals who use their skills to impact our community in a positive manner. The Grounded Man is about learning and sharing with the intention of growth and inclusivity. I think the people you surround yourself with can really show who you are and where you want to go in this life.

Adrian Barber

Rec and Fitness Programming

Triathlete and engineer

Adrian here. And I like doing a lot of fun shit. I’m a competitive triathlete, endurance coach, aerospace engineer, dad, husband, and I like too dabble in gardening, cooking, meditation, yoga and building some killer lego creations with my son. I believe in living a full and balanced life driven by curiosity to grow, learn and evolve. TGM is the support network that so many men need but unfortunately not enough have. In coming together to grow as men we teach and learn from each other while continuing our personal development paths.

Partners and Supporters


This is The Grounded Man's home base for Group Meetings and Workout Sessions.

The Grounded Man's Dynamic Meditation sessions and Opening Ceremony is held at the Peace Room. 

Situated on a beautiful 70 acres of land, an ideal place for The Grounded Man retreats.

Partners for events and co sponsor for TGM triathalon club sponsorship program.

Are you looking to make an impact or want to collaborate?

We are building a board of advisors and looking for partners to grow our programming.

Whatever the world is to say or do, my part is to keep myself good.
- Marcus Aurelius

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