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A Medicine Quest for Men into the Alchemy of Self

a powerful expedition into the core of your being

September 26 - 29

Ladysmith Quebec

Men standing in field

Set against the tranquil expanse of nature's backdrop, this 3-night, 4-day retreat is designed for men ready to challenge their boundaries, reconnect with their primal selves, and awaken a profound inner strength.

In today’s world, where the echoes of the Masculine and Father wounds ripple through men’s lives—manifesting as unresolved anger, difficulty in relationships, and a pervasive sense of inadequacy—SoulCraft offers a sanctuary for growth and integration. Here, you will confront and begin to reconcile with these deep-seated stories, paving the way for a renewed sense of self and a restored relationship with masculinity.

This retreat is designed for men who are looking to:

What SoulCraft Promises

A Deeper Connection to Your Authentic Self

Through guided experiences that blend ancient wisdom with modern practices, SoulCraft invites you to reconnect with the vital elements of nature, your body, and your spirit. This is your journey back to your roots, back to where your power truly lies.

Empowerment Through Integration and Healing

Step into a space where mental and emotional wounds are not just acknowledged but actively reconciled. Here, you will harness the courage to face and integrate these wounds, transforming them into sources of strength and wisdom.

Addressing the Masculine Wound

Delve into the heart of the Masculine and Father wounds that shape societal views and personal identities of men. This retreat is an opportunity to uncover and heal the impacts of these wounds—releasing the chains of shame, embracing authority over self, and fostering healthy relationships.

Renewed Vitality and Resilience

Equip yourself with the tools needed for enhanced vitality and a resilient spirit. SoulCraft is not just about overcoming; it's about thriving in every aspect of life.

"I have personally participated in this ceremony with Julian, and experienced a tremendous amount of healing, connection to my inner child, a deeper connection and safety around men, and it began the journey of recognizing the pain I held around the masculine and the boundaries I lacked in my life and needed to cultivate. It helped me to identify the NEED I had for validation from women—or 'Mommy'—and to begin to separate and heal that."

Join the SoulCraft Retreat

Booking Your Experience

Ready to take the first step on your transformative journey? To ensure the SoulCraft retreat is the right fit for you, and you for it, we begin with a personalized screening call. This call is essential to align expectations, understand your personal goals, and ensure that both parties feel confident about the journey ahead.

Your Sanctuary

Private Location - Ladysmith Quebec

Nestled on a 430-acre property, our retreat offers a blend of comfort and connection to the earth where you will find the perfect space to reflect, connect, and transform.

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The SoulCraft Experience

Brotherhood Bonding

Forge deep connections through group activities designed to build trust and camaraderie. Expect heart-opening discussions, trust exercises, and shared experiences that create a strong community feel

Inner Child Work

Engage in guided sessions aimed at reconnecting with and creating safety for your inner child. This profound work helps release long-held emotional wounds and fosters a greater understanding of your personal history and behaviors

Healing the Masculine and Father Wound

Dive deep into specific sessions focused on addressing and integrating the parts of you that have been abandoned as a result of societal expectations of masculinity and paternal relationships. These sessions aim to dismantle the shame and inadequacy often associated with these wounds, paving the way for a renewed self-image and approach to personal relationships.

Holotropic Breathwork

Experience this powerful practice that uses breathing to facilitate emotional release and expanded states of consciousness. It's a pathway to understanding deeper aspects of the self and healing emotional scars.

Grandfather Medicine Ceremony

Participate in a carefully guided plant medicine ceremony that provides profound spiritual insights and emotional cleansing. This sacred ceremony is a cornerstone of the retreat, offering deep healing and enlightenment under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

Fire Ceremonies

Gather around the fire for rituals that symbolize transformation and renewal. These ceremonies are times for reflection, release, and setting intentions for the future.

Hear from men who attended

Your Guides on This Journey

Braedyn Stockfish

Braedyn Stockfish

  • Instagram

Emotional Alchemist and Men's Evolution Guide

As the driving force behind The Grounded Man, Braedyn is not just a facilitator; he is an Emotional Alchemist and a Heart-Centered Leader. With over seven years immersed in the fields of physical and energetic wellness, Braedyn’s expertise spans yoga, tantra, shamanic teachings, parts work therapy, Jungian psychology, breath cultivation, primal movement, and men’s embodiment work. His approach transcends traditional modalities, focusing on creating brave and transformational spaces where men can explore self-acceptance, wholeness, and stewardship

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Julian DeVoe

Wellness Educator and Ceremonialist

Julian’s mission to awaken the best of the human spirit has taken him across the globe, teaching internationally with a focus on movement, purification, mindfulness, and spiritual arts. His extensive experience includes roles at prestigious institutions like the Omega Institute, Blue Spirit, and the Nosara Yoga Institute, as well as living in the Sacred Valley of Peru working with and learning from indigenous people. Julian ensures a profound and safe journey through sacred ceremonies, offering insights that lead to lasting transformation. 

Invest in Your Journey

We believe in making transformative experiences accessible. Reach out if you need financial arrangements—our priority is your journey. TO REGISTER BOOK A CALL TO SEE IF YOU'RE A GOOD FIT.
  • Regular Price: $1,337

  • Early Bird Price (Until July 31): $1,234

  • Member Discount: Up to 15% off


Spaces at SoulCraft are limited to maintain an intimate and focused environment.


Upon expressing interest in the retreat, potential participants will receive a link to book a screening call. This conversation allows us to delve deeper into what you seek from the experience and discuss any concerns or special considerations. It's also a chance for you to ask questions and get to know the facilitators.


Our goal is to curate a cohesive group of participants who are at a similar stage in their readiness for transformation, ensuring the depth of the retreat experience.

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